Lintons Food Service Management helps you stay connected to the resources you need. ADP Workforce Now includes human resources management, payroll, benefits, talent management, compliance, time and labor management, and a host of forms and resources. 


PAL enables our food service directors, district managers, accounting department, and senior leadership to view facility results in real time and on demand. Timely, reliable financial reporting of activities and departmental budgeting, accounting, and compliance is essential in any industry. Teams can view key metrics simultaneously to perform in-depth analyzation and reporting. Lintons' principals and dedication to accuracy is enhanced with the use of PAL

Cintas Uniforms

A polished appearance directly impacts our performance. Get Ready for the Day with Cintas Uniforms. For associates who would like to purchase Lintons swag in addition to our provided items, log in using Lintons1 as the ID number.