There's no substitute for knowing an industry inside and out. 

That's why our vast experience in so many areas makes us uniquely qualified and experts in our field. We have a team for every industry with the knowledge and expertise to develop perspectives, resources, and capabilities so that we can prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Lintons recognizes that both food quality and customer service must be high to contribute to a patient's positive experience. With that, food is stepping into a more prominent role in providing wellness for patients, employees, and community members. Our professionally trained chefs and registered dietitians enhance the quality of food production and our integrated approach provides hospital and health system clients with specialized food, nutrition, and support services.
It’s not just lunch, Lintons' experience and corporate management expertise support your early learners, students, parents, staff, and administration. Our complete team of operational and corporate staff is here to build and enhance your foodservice program with nutrition education, flavorful meals, financial oversight, and community initiatives. We offer delivery and onsite service options to fit any logistic needs.
Residential Communities
At Lintons we understand the important role we play in providing nutritious meals in a supportive environment. Our services offer various models that fit your requirements and needs. The treatment of your patients, students or consumers extends to the meal and how they can nourish not only the body but the mind.