Lunchroom Smarts
Let's Get Smart About Nutrition

Lintons is reinventing school nutrition and transforming cafeterias.

Offering solutions and new service options to your students is our priority, and finding quicker and easier ways to communicate important information is our goal.

To achieve the smartest lunchroom, Lintons is reinventing school nutrition and transforming cafeterias by partnering with school nutrition and fitness experts. By continually collecting feedback, we are always striving to improve how menus, nutritional information, order options, and services are provided.

School Nutrition & Menu Website

We provide a comprehensive, informative, and interactive set of customized web pages designed to help schools promote healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

  • Interactive Nutrition Education for Students
  • Nutrition Lesson Plans for Teachers
  • Healthy Kids at Home
  • School Wellness Policy
  • Fitness and Physical Activity
  • Art of Fitness Video Series
  • Monthly Parent Nutrition Newsletter


Interactive Menus

We engage schools with interactive solutions.

Parents, students, staff, and school nurses engage with menus that display product descriptions, nutritional and allergen information, report card carb count, and product photos. On any computer or mobile device, the option to print the menus and nutritionals is available in 90+ languages.

Product Descriptions

Each item on your school menu is displayed with a photo, description, and rating. 

Interactive Nutritionals

Provide all your nutritional information on a succinct menu, with additional information, photos, interactive ratings, allergen information, and nutritional content.


Provide tools for students and parents to easily identify foods containing relevant allergens. Create easy-to-use color-coded menus personalized to a student's individual unique needs.

Nutrition Report Card

Create nutrition report cards and carb counts on the fly. Easily create lists of all items served across all menus, or print the list for a specific menu date or week. There is infinite customizability, allowing you to provide exactly the nutrition info you need.

Mobile App

Info on the go.

Our on-the-go free mobile app makes it easy for students and busy parents to find meals complete with nutritional analysis, unlike traditional paper menus. Rate products, view announcements, take surveys, and place orders directly from the mobile app. 

All mobile menu data is synced automatically from our cloud-based platform, so all you have to do is flip a switch and you automatically have a mobile app that is always up to date.