Meal Appeal

We understand how difficult it can be to get students to eat what's good for them, rather than what simply tastes good. That's why Lintons culinary team is focused on creating menu items that are not only healthier but also deliver the same great flavor kids expect. 

Lintons’ designs age segmented lunch and breakfast menus that are balanced, nutritious and desirable by students and staff. Our continual development of new menu items with our culinary professionals and registered dietitians along with manufacturer partners ensures menus are innovative and student tested. Along with our menu planning, theme meals and promotions grow student participation.

  • Lintons consistently exceeds the national average for both breakfast & lunch participation.
  • Our fresh healthy meals appeal to students.
  • "Break-the-Cycle" menu program" replaces the industry standard cycle menus with fresh innovative monthly menus.
  • Lintons culinary staff is dishing up more ethnic, vegetarian and restaurant inspired recipes.
  • Research strategies that can grow participation in your school meal program reduce food waste and increase comsumption of healthy foods.
Expanded Meals & Concept Dining

Supporting students with well-balanced nutrition occurs in a variety of ways beyond the traditional lunch meal. 

Various dining options including snacks, and beverages help students stay energized for the academic day and are available for faculty, staff and visitors. 

  • Smart Snacks
  • Healthy Beverage Options
  • Smoothies

We create age segmented dining brands that incorporate favorite foods, menu trends and marketing concepts delivering an increase in daily participation for your school program. 

Lintons food stations are themed with individual identities to serve specific menu items. Examples include grill stations, made-to-order delis and international menu ideas, all which appeal to the students' palate.  Through a partnership with Lintons Food Service and the implementation of our branded concepts your student satisfaction and dining experience will be enhanced.

  • Grab and Go Selections
  • Age specific dining concepts
  • Kiosik areas for quick flow 
  • School Nutrition Standards apply to all food operating NSLP
  • Breakfast and Lucnh options
  • A la Carte Programs 
Activities & Engagement

Lintons utilizes fresh ideas throughout the school year to promote and enhance the breakfast and lunch program at the schools we serve.

Specifically designed to help target an area of opportunity we work with the school to determine and use various resources to grow the food program. 

  • Theme Meals - Spark interest, check out what's new, theme meals we provide the opportunity, to serve new types of foods to your students. National Curry Day, Mardi Gras, Greek Festival and Southern Soul Food to name a few. 
  • National School Breakfast Week - An emphasis is placed on the importance of eating a healthy breakfast to start your school day. 
  • National School Lunch Week - A week long celebration capped off with healthy or educational prizes such as bikes and reading tablets. 
  • Family Style Service - Lintons offers Famiy Style Service that promotes staff and student interaction while replicating a family dining environment.
  • Let's Move -Promoting physical activity along with nutritous food, Lintons supports this intiative in our schools.
  • Team Nutrition - Lintons supports the USDA initiative to promote lifelong healthy food choices and physical activity. 
  • Chef's Move to Schools - Utlizing the creativity and culinary expertise of volunteer chefs who can positively impact students eating habits. 
  • Fuel up to Play 60- Get your students in the health game with an in-school nutrition and physical activity program launched by National Dairy Council and NFL, in collaboration with the USDA, to help encourage today's youth to lead healthier lives.