Nutrition & Wellness
Nutrition Education and Community Outreach

When healthier choices lead to improved academic performance, nutrition education benefits the whole school. 

Lintons’ Director of Child Nutrition Education and Community Outreach works directly with school representatives and its community to implement Child Nutrition Educational Programs. The curriculum is taught through assemblies, teaching aids, and other various resource materials for classroom education. Lintons promotes proper nutrition and daily exercise for all students with:

  • Grade-specific instruction and lessons
  • Age-appropriate vocabulary and activities
  • STEAM-incorporated elements (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and  Mathematics)
  • Lessons that build on one another, allowing students to absorb and retain the information
  • Hands-on culinary classes that put the lessons into practice

As experts in NSLP regulations, we serve as a community resource in the area of nutrition education to parents, students, health services, and other civic groups. By connecting with local community partners, we strengthen students experiences which are valuable lessons far beyond the classroom. This comprehensive approach includes the Vetri Community Partnership, Greener Partners, and The Food Trust organizations. Lintons supports and participates in:

  • Community health fairs
  • Farm-to-school initiatives
  • Healthy School Wellness Committees
  • Preparation of Administration Reviews
  • Child Nutrition State and Federal regulations
Team Nutrition

The environment in which we live and learn plays a fundamental role in shaping lifelong healthy behaviors and can have a powerful influence on students' eating habits and lifestyle. 

Lintons utilizes various nutrition and fitness resources to design monthly educational posters that are displayed in the cafeteria. These posters focus on a different topic each month and communicate positive messages that encourage students to make healthy food choices and participate in physical activities. These consistent messages provide opportunities for students to learn in a supportive and healthy environment. Topics include:

  • Refueling with Nutrition
  • Smart Choices for Healthy Teeth
  • Breakfast is Brain Power
  • Portion Proportion
  • Food Safety
  • MyPlate

Lintons provides resources for teachers, students, and parents that support your school wellness policies. Videos, information articles, and fun activities engage and educate students on how to be their best selves, while the School Nutrition Program website includes a collection of teaching materials that incorporate nutrition lessons into the classroom curriculum. Visit our Lunchroom Smarts for more details.  

Inspiring Environments

Lunchrooms offer students a place to socialize, refuel, and rest their active minds. We create welcoming cafeterias where students want to be.

Students are more likely to enjoy mealtime in an inspiring environment, and Lintons understands the importance of creating an atmosphere where they want to be. Themed banners and signage with inspiring messages generate a positive and pleasant space for students while fostering a sense of community.