2018 Mentor of the Year
January 01, 2019

For the past 10 years, Fred Strange has been a production manager at Lintons — first at our Montco MSC, and currently at our Delco MSC.

From the start, Fred has spent time working alongside community members looking for mentorship and opportunities to be productive in the workforce. He works with students from The Vanguard School, which provides comprehensive student-focused special education and related clinical services. These students receive individualized behavioral, academic, and vocational programming with a focus on functional, emotional, and social skills development. 10 students from The Vanguard School work at our Delco MSC. Some of the tasks include preparing bagged lunches, portioning and wrapping vegetables, and counting and packing items for delivery. 

Fred has a wonderful rapport with the students. Dennis Smith, Vocational Supervisor at The Vanguard School, says the students talk about Fred in a very positive way. He is engaging, patient, and light-hearted with the students, and always looks forward to seeing them. For many of these students, Fred is the first introduction to the workforce and he provides a positive and supportive experience for them. 

The Vanguard School has recognized Fred as Mentor of the Year for 2018.

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