A Complete 180
August 15, 2020

Associates at the Delco MSC Haven’t Skipped a Beat

As businesses and schools started to reopen in September — with COVID-19 still present — Lintons’ Delaware County Meal Service Center needed to figure out a way to continue to feed healthy, balanced meals to our clients who need it the most. Normally, we would provide cold bagged lunches, but the choices were very limited, and with the cold weather coming, we decided to set off on a new adventure by providing frozen heat-and-serve meals. Each meal follows specific dietary regulations — whether it’s the Department of Aging or CACFP. We are currently serving Delaware County Head Start, Chester County Senior Centers, Maternity Cares Coalition, Wonderspring Wynnewood, and Mercy-LIFE approximately 5,000 meals per week. The meals have been received very well. In most cases, the client picks up five days of meals either once or twice a week along with all the accompaniments (bread, condiments, etc.) and milk from their center or school. This new adventure was — and still is — a work in progress. We had to rearrange all of our space and add extra tables and work stations due to COVID-19 in order to keep our associates safe. Even though heat-and-serve meals are a complete 180 from the bulk meals we are used to serving, our associates haven’t skipped a beat!

In the photo above: Heat-and-serve meals are prepared and packaged daily.

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