Celebrating A World of Flavors
May 17, 2022

The foods we eat are often influenced by our family’s history and culture. They’re also influenced by where we live, our budgets, and our tastes. Many cuisines feature dishes which include a variety of foods from all of the food groups. All month long Lintons “Celebrated a World of Flavors” for National Nutrition Month. Each week our dietitians and food service professionals focused on a different topic.

Cultural Foods & Traditions
We provided handouts, including spices from around the world and regional cuisine to personalize your plate.
Learn What A Dietitian Can Do For You
Helping you enjoy healthy lives through your food and activity is our RDNs goal.
Plan your Meals & Snacks
With no bake chocolate cherry oat bars or Pizza hummus, Lintons offered fun meal & snack ideas with recipe videos
Try New Flavors Foods From Around The World
Lintons Food Service Directors and Professionals submitted recipes inspired from different cultures that were compiled and distributed throughout our locations.

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