Celebrating Good Nutrition Month 2021
November 30, 2021

Throughout the month of November, Lintons Residential Living Division celebrated Good Nutrition Month. Each week featured different topics and fun flyers and social media posts aimed at ways to plan and build good nutrition. 

Week 1 – Improve Your Mood and Lower Stress

Focus on adding immunity boosting foods into your meals to improve the immune system to fight off illness and reduce anxiety or stress.

Week 2 – Reducing Foodborne Illness

Provide reminders on food safety through preparing, cooking and storing. These measures are also important in reducing the risk of the common cold and flu.

Week 3 – The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. Exercise, meditation, a positive mindset and quality sleep can improve your mood, reduce stress and promote long-term health benefits, and quality of life.

Week 4 – Stay Active at Home

The new physical activity guideline, move more and sit less. Whether indoors or outside, exercise is important for better health and reducing the risk for many chronic diseases. 

Good nutrition doesn’t end in November, for tips you can use year round download these flyers by clicking the links below...

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