Community Works
July 01, 2021

Since 2002, Lintons has been committed to providing employment opportunities for consumers, clients, and community program residents with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) within Lintons’ facilities. The Community Works program assists in developing job readiness skills while contributing to the daily needs of the facility. The focus is on finding positions that meet the interests, needs, and capabilities of adults with IDD. This program has grown and changed over the last 19 years to offer multiple opportunities in some of Lintons’ distinguished clients such as multiple Merakey locations throughout PA, Melmark, Riverview, Valley Forge Medical Center, and the Delaware County Meal Service Center, representing 10% of the Lintons’ workforce. Some in the Community Works Program are involved in worked base learning and are compensated, while others are involved in service learning. Many are consumers in the facilities we serve while we are also offering these opportunities to other IDD communities that are in need of employment opportunities for their residents. Currently, we have been able to extend the program to several residents served through Devereux.

Lintons’ Core Values were introduced in 2021, and the Community Works Program is an integral part of many of them. The core values of Integrity, Service Centered, Insight, Empathy, and Knowledge are also why the Community Works Program has become a focus of our client commitment for 2021 and as we move into the future. The goal of increasing the number of participants in the Community Works Program as a commitment to new and existing clients is something that Lintons is excited to offer as an option whenever it fits the needs and vision of the business we are serving. Not only does the Community Works Program benefit the consumer, it also benefits the Lintons associates. It helps them to see that everyone brings unique experiences and understanding to the workplace that enhance our products and services. Lintons’ associates gain knowledge of how people with disabilities contribute and they are proud to be participants in the Community Works program. As Linda Paugh, Lintons’ Director of Human Resources says, “Associates lives are positively affected in many ways when they work with those in the Community Works program and the associates are eager to make a difference in the participant’s life as well. It’s a wonderful reciprocal relationship where many rewards are realized for all involved!”

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