Educational Division Managers Meeting
November 01, 2022


After 3 long years of waiting, we were finally back to hold our annual Education Division managers meeting in person! While hosting meetings virtually was convenient at times, we were missing out on the face-to-face value and connection that we had in years past. We brought close to 40 managers together from all regions of the company to start the 2022-2023 school year!

With a lot to cover, we had our managers join us for a two-day meeting full of new information and some of our favorite refreshers. We were lucky enough to host this at our Residential Living facility, Melmark, where they welcomed us into their beautiful new conference space with open arms, delicious food, and some heart-warming information about the facility.

We ended day one with some Escape Rooms. We split into teams and worked to get out of the locked space we were trapped in. We had a variety of themed rooms from aliens to Egyptian tombs and I am happy to report that we all made it out alive! After, we then celebrated our victories with a team dinner where we enjoyed some Latin American cuisine and got ready for the next day of information.

Of course, we can never end a meeting without everyone’s favorite part, the prizes! We waited until the very end to ensure the excitement was bubbling over, and then began the eagerly awaited selection process.

From the newest kitchen appliances to a variety of gift cards, we tried to think of what our food service professionals would be on the hunt for this year. It seems we did not disappoint.

With full minds and full arms, our managers left us after our second informative day ready to head back and implement all they learned with their teams and in their units.
Overall, thanks to the support of the Operations & Corporate teams, we had a very successful two-day meeting that was jam-packed with helpful information and enjoyable interactions that made up for the time we missed out on in previous years.

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