Emergency Ready
January 30, 2021

The first full year with Covid...Is your facility better prepared?

Many unforeseen situations occur in a foodservice operation that could compromise food safety and the ability to function in a typical fashion. Emergencies can last anywhere from a few hours up to several days. Or as we’ve recently learned, can impact your business for a year or more. Whether the impact from disruption is one hour or one year, food safety is our priority.

The experience 2020 has taught is these emergencies force us to quickly make fundamental changes to our food service operations to meet the changing needs of our Clients. Creative solutions to address sourcing supplies, training associates on newly developed service procedures, and competing for personal protective equipment (PPE).

The main objective of emergency planning is to provide tools that aid associates in minimizing injuries, protect the community they serve, and maintain business continuity with a focus on food safety. Lintons Emergency Readiness Plan does just that. Our comprehensive plan outlines the many possible scenarios our teams face and provides a foundation for what crisis-specific actions to take in the event of a disruption. Lintons’ plan includes a clear set of roles and responsibilities, an emergency food supply that doesn’t require power to serve, and local, corporate, and governmental contacts. Ensuring the health and safety of our clients and employees is not compromised.

Regardless of how great a plan may seem on paper, practice is critical. Although our planning process is detailed, we test and evaluate the plan, customize for all operations, and build in flexibility so we can implement changes quickly when necessary.

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