Flavors of Wellness - Supporting Wellness through Food & Food Education
July 05, 2022

This January marked the five-year anniversary of Lintons’ Flavors of Wellness series Developed by Corporate Dietitian Andrea McHugh and Senior Vice President of Operations Gary Rittereiser. Flavors of Wellness is an initiative that brings together flavorful, healthy menu options and nutrition education to the residents, clients, and staff we serve. Our quarterly series aims to support whole-person wellness through food and food education. It gives us an opportunity to expose residents to foods that may be unfamiliar to them. The program features themed menus, recipes, informational handouts, and a presentation with our nutritional expert. Access to the information and training session is available to everyone at your facility.
This year’s themes include:
• A Healthy Heart
• Mental Health Awareness
• Go Green
• Immune Boosters
While the theme remains the same throughout the company, Lintons Corporate RD works with the Food Service Director to customize the program when necessary. This ensures the integrity and spirit of the program remain intact.

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