Food Managements Top 50 2022
May 20, 2022
Food Management is the authority of best practices, products and solutions in the noncommercial foodservice industry. Lintons is honored to make the list and we have our associates to thank for the distinction. During the pandemic, our front-line managers and associates presented constant support to our clients. Dependable and dedicated, they placed the care of others before their own needs. 

The Covid-19 pandemic revealed much about the nature of work defined as “essential services”. Lintons’ attention was focused on its staff performing those services and on the conditions under which they work, implementing a compensation plan for the company’s dedicated mission-critical, hourly associates and management. Lintons also enhanced its comprehensive, strategic associate recognition program to express its appreciation and gratitude, focusing on a core value recognition award to help emphasize the importance of these values in its daily activities and interactions.

It provides interactive menus, nutrition information, payment portals, valuable nutrition resources, and much more. 

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