Garden Fresh
May 30, 2020

Our foodservice staff at TrueCore’s Orange Youth Academy (OYA), along with several youths in the program, have been involved in a backyard garden project, planting and harvesting seasonal crops such as bell peppers, hot pepper, collard greens, callaloo, pumpkin, yucca, scallions, tomatoes, watermelon, and papaya.

The youths at OYA are very excited and energized to work in this project by planting, watering, pulling weeds, transplanting, and harvesting.

Once they harvest the crops, the fruits and vegetables are used to add extra portions to the youths’ trays, and the herbs are used to enhance meal flavor.

Shown in the photo above: Cook Audie Greaves gives a thumbs-up as he makes sure the plants remains well watered in Florida’s warm weather.

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