Good Nutrition Month 2019
November 30, 2019

Throughout the month of November, Lintons Healthcare Division celebrated Good Nutrition Month. Each week featured different topics: hydration and meal preparation, the Mediterranean diet, the importance of fiber, and staying healthy with light exercise.
Week one was all about the importance of hydration, meal preparation, and how they play an important role in staying on track with your nutritional goals.
The second week featured the many health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, such as preventing heart disease and protecting against Type 2 Diabetes. Presentations and handouts offered tips and creative ideas on how to create healthy, Mediterranean-style meals.
Week three was all about fiber. Participants learned easy ways to boost fiber intake — such as the consumption of whole grains — and how fiber helps keep hunger and blood sugar in check.
The last week of Good Nutrition Month was dedicated to the importance of staying healthy with light exercise and nutritious snacks. Tips for the upcoming holiday season were provided to help families of all ages get moving for better health.
All Good Nutrition Month topics were supported and presented with various presentations, handouts, recipes, tips, and engaging activities by Lintons’ Registered Dietitians.

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