Lintons Partners with Health-e Pro
July 13, 2021

Given how quickly technology changes, we value staying ahead of the curve and Lintons is pleased to announce our partnership with Health-e Pro. This easy to use, cloud-based menu planning, production, nutrition analysis and My School Menu & Mobile app platform for students and parents, allows them to see exactly what’s being served while offering nutrient calculations and allergen filtering capabilities.

We believe menu planning should be simple and easy to use.  Heath-e Pro provides efficiencies in production for our staff and maintains the compliance our clients rely on.  This platform is USDA-approved for nutrient analysis and for use in certification of compliance with SBP, NSLP, CACFP, SFSP and Smart Snack standards.

Lintons SMART Café school nutrition website provides supplemental information for students, parents and educators.  These include Lintons Harvest of the Month newsletters, Health-e Living nutrition resources, menu features, videos, and promotions, and additional opportunities to support each school Lintons serves.

Nutrition Education Education K-12

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