Lintons Smart Cafe
September 16, 2021

We are excited to introduce an engaging café dining experience with Lintons SMART Café and My School Menus, brought to you by Health-e Pro. These platforms combine technology and innovation to make meal planning and nutrition education a dynamic learning experience for students.

The Lintons SMART Café website features valuable resources and nutritional expertise so students can succeed in and out of the classroom. Lintons SMART Café empowers students to make healthy food choices through its foundation in the core areas of science, menu building, APP accessibility, resources and technology.

The site’s vivid graphics include posters, newsletters, icons and infographics that encourage healthy eating habits. Additional expanded tabs include sections on nutrition guides, healthy living guidance, access to Lintons My School Menus Mobile App and a harvest of the month section with engaging activities to explore the nutritional benefits of eating fruits and vegetables each day.

Additionally, we have partnered with Health-e Pro to deliver online and mobile access for school meals and menu information. The My School Menus website and Mobile App give students, parents, and teachers information about daily meals, ingredients, and nutritional information that make the dining experience educational and fun.  

Together, Lintons SMART Café and My School Menus provide a dynamic menu experience designed to promote healthy meal planning and habits that will last a lifetime for students supported by our expert team at Lintons.

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