Melmark Rocks Their Socks
March 24, 2021

Associates create Down syndrome and autism awareness

People all around the world come together to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, by wearing brightly colored, mismatched socks. Socks were chosen because the karyotype of Down syndrome chromosomes actually looks like mismatched socks! This year on Monday, March 22, Food Service Director Carrie Cummaro and the Lintons team at Melmark, launched their Rock your Socks initiative for Down syndrome awareness.

The team assembled packages containing a pair of fun food-themed socks along with a Lintons snack bowl, and distributed them the week before the event to several different areas on campus, including program rooms and houses. “Everyone had an awesome time,” says Cummaro, promising that they “will rock our socks again next year!”

The Melmark team continued to spread awareness about individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by celebrating Autism Awareness Month in April. Lintons’ staff and the community workers wore blue bandanas and hung coloring pages on the kitchen doors and eatery for everyone to see. Peanuts-themed gift bags were also distributed at lunch, making the individuals we serve smile. “One of my community workers said when I saw him the next day, ‘I wore my blue shirt for you’. This is one of the reasons I love what I do,” notes Cummaro, who has been serving the residents at Melmark for almost two years.

In the photo above: Lintons associates Kyree Emmens, Karen Craig, Nicole Brigham (Dietitian), Carrie Cummaro (Foodservice Director), Rosie Bacalla, Tyler Celli, George Clay, Nick Crowl, and Shareef Mahmoud sport their fun food-themed socks at Melmark.

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