NSLP Admin Review
April 18, 2017

Jaclyn Sliwinski Explains Admin Review In-Depth


The School Nutrition Program administrative review is structured to ensure schools a pleasant and stress free review experience, but that is not always the case with the various areas of testing, technical assessments and documentation required.

Jaclyn SliwinskiLintons Director of Child Nutrition, is at hand to make sure each school is in compliance with all criteria.

“We want our clients to know they have a resource that has gone through the process numerous times and understands the details and specifics of meal access, reimbursement, verification, meal counting, meal pattern and nutrition quality.”

Additional visits before the review, depending on the complexity of their program, review everything from the service line during breakfast and lunch, recipe compliance and accuracy of production records, and also proper documentation posted in cafeterias and classrooms. “Our clients appreciate the support and guidance to assure the review is stress free as possible.”

"When preparing a school for their Administrative Review, I mirror my visits to match exactly what the Pennsylvania Department of Education field advisor will be reviewing. My first visit is usually during the schools test month. That way I can get a clear snapshot of how the account is running from a regulation standpoint and if changes need to be made, we have ample time to implement them. I also do this in order to meet with the client initially and go over any questions they may have in regards to their off-site assessment upload. If I can answer any questions and correct any issues before submission, this will avoid potential technical assistance or even corrective action from the PDE.”

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