School Lunch Heroes - Students thank Lintons Workers
July 05, 2022

Lintons Units celebrated School Lunch Heroes Day to recognize how important the Lunch Staff is in each student’s life. To thank our staff, students made cards and artwork to adorn the cafeterias all to let the Lunch Associates know how thankful students are for what they do. We recognized associates by serving them breakfast on School Lunch Heroes Day.

Inspired by his Lunch Lady Jeanne, Jarrett Krosoczka recognized that the lunch ladies are real live heroes. He created the Lunch Lady Graphic Novel Series that would become School Lunch Heroes Day. In The Graphic Novels the lunch ladies, and men, serve up justice by fighting off evil cyborg substitutes, school bus monsters and mutant mathletes with their Fish stick nun chucks.

As Jarret set out to promote the books in schools, Lunch staff around the country became involved in the idea in a very meaningful way. Lunch staff were overwhelmed with the idea of them being perceived as Super Heroes. Children embraced the books so lovingly at school and on social media that School Lunch Heroes has become a national day of celebration. In Schools around the country, students can make creative projects for lunch staff to say thank you for the 5 billion+ lunches they serve annually. School Lunch Hero Day is in early May on Jeanne’s Birthday in her honor.

Click the link below to learn more and find ways you can participate in National School Lunch Heroes Day.

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