Service Line Re-Design
October 10, 2017

Meal Service Centers Conduct Service Line Re-Designs


The Lintons Residential Communities and Meal Service Center division provides meals both on site and delivered to facilities including community correction, juvenile detention, schools, and early learning centers. Recently we conducted marketing surveys on service and dining areas to determine where we could make enhancements in these areas and help our clients freshen up the presence of their dining and service areas. Lintons marketing department developed and implemented a “Service Line Re-Design”.

A new client for our Delco Meal Service Center, Merakey Veterans Program is located in the Philadelphia area. The Merakey Veterans program recently completed renovation to an existing building. The program serves as an emergency entry point into the VA’s homeless care system. Our team evaluated and provided banners in the dining area, adding a touch of color. It’s not just a meal for the veterans but offers a place to come and brighten their day.

BayPointe Behavioral Health Hospital located in Mobile, Alabama houses children from ages 5 to 18 years. The dining environment provides several opportunities to inspire healthy eating behaviors for students with colorful and engaging messages.  Our team recently provided banners, decorative signage, and educational signage to their dining room which added appeal. Not the before and after photos.

The children were very much interested as to what was going on in their dining room as display material was being unpacked during breakfast. Through some quick work and assistance with the facility maintenance team there design was completed by lunchtime. When the children returned to the dining room at lunchtime they were so impressed with how lively the room had become. One little girl even had the cutest expression and said that it made her feel so happy.

Our client, Mid Atlantic Youth Services located at PA Child Care in Pittston, PA have been looking for ways to spruce up their dining hall and the Lintons marketing team had just the right strategy. The salad bar received a vibrant makeover and die-cut window clings added to the serving area included cheerful bursts of fruit. The changes drastically enhanced their dining hall and the client was thankful of our efforts.

These are just a few examples of how Lintons has partnered with our clients to enhance our clients dining areas to create a pleasant atmosphere for those we serve.

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