The Lintonian Hub Launches Summer 2022
August 01, 2022

Lintons recognizes associate needs as well as client needs. The Lintonian Newsletter helps fulfill those needs by providing information about company initiatives, job openings, and highlights important programs every quarter. Our associates find this information helpful and provide feedback and make suggestions for future issues. Due to go live in Summer 2022, we are transitioning our newsletter to a new associate web page called The Lintonian Hub.

The Lintontian Hub will continue with the above associate information and will also recognize associate success with sections like anniversaries, spotlights, promotions and pin program awards. The communication website also will provide information and content on benefits, perks and other programs for our associates.

If you have an employee you want to recognize for their outstanding service in and outside of the Lintons community contact us at

Check back August 1st for the link to the Lintonian Hub

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