April 15, 2019

Our Residential Communities Division has been awarded the foodservice contract for TrueCore Behavioral Solutions. TrueCore is a national provider of behavioral health services to at-risk and adjudicated youth in residential treatment facilities and community-based programs.

“We wanted our youth to experience meals that are nutritious, filling, well prepared, well presented and tasty,” said TrueCore COO Rodney Brockenbrough. “Lintons tends to provide meals that are higher quality and less institutional.”

Service to TrueCore’s 33 residential locations began on April 15, 2019, providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner to 1,500 youth seven days a week. This new business represents the addition of three new states to Lintons’ portfolio — Florida, Tennessee, and Texas — and 150 additional Lintons associates. Thank you to everyone who has helped us achieve this great accomplishment, and welcome to all of our new associates!

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