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August 03, 2017

With WOW, our Associates Receive the Tools Needed to Succeed


Lintons Food Service Management’s WOW training program, which represents "Within One Week", was developed to ensure our associates get started with the right training. WOW focuses on the integral training needed in the food service industry, and at Lintons WOW is conducted during the on-boarding process. Training topics include: Personal Hygiene and Infection Control, Food Storage, Portion Control, Customer Service and Safety.

WOW training is conducted by both the associate’s Manager and Co-Workers. Personal Hygiene and Infection Control reviews keeping equipment, surfaces and tools clean along with personal hygiene. This topic is crucial, as it is to protect both our clients and associates from any food borne illness and cross contamination.

Food Storage is discussed and reviewed to maintain that all food products are stored properly and at the correct temperature. Maintaining the correct portions is an important factor in diets and budgetary controls. Our associates review portion scales, utensils and serving sizes during this training topic. During training on Customer Service, we focus on our purpose and our commitment to our clients and those we serve. Our longstanding commitment to superior service is expressed through this training. Going the “extra mile” and providing personalized service is our motto.

Safety is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s job at Lintons and is a key focus during our training. Safety encompasses a wide variety of topics from Fire Safety, Accident Prevention, Personal Safety to Chemical Usage and Safety Precautions. Safety is an ongoing emphasis at Lintons and keeping our associates safe is our first priority.

At Lintons we believe that training is the key to success. Training improves morale among associates, increases motivation and provides the best service to our clients.


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