Programs & Initiatives

Lintons implements a variety of programs and initiatives for our clients that benefit and enhance their company goals. With our eyes set on these goals, our programs and initiatives educate, inspire, and engage to achieve results.

Community Works
Making a positive difference in the workplace

Established in 2002, our Community Works Program provides employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program is intended to assist these individuals in developing job readiness skills. We focus on finding a position within our facilities that meets their individual interests, needs, and capabilities. Lintons provides programs that institute mentoring, service learning, and apprenticeships. The program provides professional and personal growth for the individual, and the rewards to the company and our associates are immeasurable. Our associates learn how people with disabilities can contribute, and how working with individuals with disabilities can raise morale.


Culinary Arts
Providing education and work experience

Our Culinary Arts Program provides an atmosphere for learning that encourages student growth and teamwork. The program is designed to provide culinary education and crucial work experience and exposure to a broad range of career options in the foodservice industry. Students in our Culinary Arts Program are prepared for positions as cooks and foodservice associates in restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, and other institutions. In addition to education and experience, students receive job search techniques and resume writing assistance.

WOW Training
Within One Week

Lintons’ WOW (Within One Week) Training Program was developed to ensure our associates get started with the right training. WOW focuses on the integral training needed in the foodservice industry and is conducted during the onboarding process. Training topics include Personal Hygiene and Infection Control, Food Storage, Portion Control, Customer Service, and Safety. WOW training is conducted by both the associate’s manager and co-workers. Personal Hygiene and Infection Control covers personal hygiene and the cleaning of equipment, surfaces, and tools. This topic is of the utmost importance to protect both our clients and associates from any foodborne illness and cross contamination. At Lintons, we believe that training is a vital ingredient for success. Training improves morale among associates, increases motivation, and provides the best service to our clients!

Breakfast in the Classroom
Get ready to learn

According to Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom, a healthy breakfast is critical to childhood learning and development. Yet, many children start the school day hungry. Providing breakfast in the classroom is one of the most effective ways of delivering school breakfast. By moving school breakfast from the cafeteria to the classroom, more students get the opportunity to fuel up for the day and be ready to learn. What's more, our Breakfast in the Classroom Program increases school breakfast participation by up to 98 percent.